Those who have been involved in an automobile accident in Washington State may rightly be curious as to what the average car accident settlement amounts to. Unfortunately, this question does not have a straightforward answer.

There are so many factors involved in vehicle accident settlements that the amount awarded, if awarded at all, can vary drastically. Variables commonly entail type of vehicle, any economic or noneconomic damages suffered, and injuries sustained.

For example, one person may have only minor damage to their vehicle while another may have severe bodily injuries resulting in missed wages. The difference in these two cases would be so drastic the “average” number would be meaningless.

The other important variable when considering a car accident settlement is the role of the insurance company. As we’ve discussed before, the initial settlement offer presented by an insurance company is often not in the victim’s best interest. Rather, this offer is often a relatively inexpensive way to “make the problem go away” by contractually ending your right to pursue further compensation.

While the answer for the average car accident settlement amount is mired in complexity, all of the above reasons paint a clear picture of the value of working with a skilled legal team. Having knowledgeable and experienced experts reviewing the full details of your case and holding insurance companies responsible is a valuable asset in any individual’s pursuit of justice.