Notice to Clients: COVID – 19


Today we find ourselves in unsettling and unprecedented times around the globe. As always, the well-being of our clients, employees, partners, and community is our priority. We are reaching out to let you know what we are doing at Phillips Law Firm both from a health and safety standpoint as well as client service.

On March 16th, Phillips Law Firm announced it will be moving all staff to remote work locations where they can essentially operate just like in office. Key individuals will be rotating through the offices so to maintain certain critical functions of the business, such as mail pickup/delivery and disbursement of client funds. At this time, we will continue to process all claims to the extent possible. The court systems have made and will likely continue to make adjustments in their schedules, prioritizing certain cases over others. Any cases currently filed in court may see delays, but we are taking proactive steps to arrange for video conferencing when at all possible for such functions as depositions. Claims being processed for pre-litigation settlement (the majority of our clients) will, for the time being, remain on a closer to normal timeline. This is all subject to change if additional government mandates are implemented, amongst other unforeseen variables.

We are asking our clients to be patient with us as we make this transition to a remote and digitized operation. Our response times may be slightly delayed, but with time our new setup will improve and become more efficient. Benefiting both you, the client, as well as our staff. We expect to be operating remotely at 90% by March 18th.

Some of the equipment needed to facilitate remote workstations are in short supply. Resulting in some staff having to use their personal cell phones to patch into our phone system. So, if you see inbound phone calls from a number you may not recognize, that could very well be us. You will still be able to use our normal phone numbers and email addresses to reach your legal team. Our reception team will field and route calls as they normally do.

We encourage all to remain vigilant and adhere to the recommendations being issued by health care professions, local and federal governments. At this time, it is unknown how long we will be impacted in this way. As a business, more so as a part of this community, we will maintain our services and safety of our staff to the highest degree possible. We will keep you posted as things develop. Thank you again for your patience and understanding.


Glenn Phillips