On Saturday, June 8th, Washington State Patrol Trooper Rick Johnson tweeted out the following:

“#Alarming as @wastatepatrol in King County has investigated three motorcycle collisions in the past couple days. Two of which resulted in fatalities and the most recent one today in critical injuries. These were rider causing. #RideSafely #HaveYourEndorsement.”

The Seattle Times reported that a Saturday morning accident left one motorcycle driver with critical injuries. Washington State Patrol Troopers said this was a result of an unsafe lane change among a group of nine bikes. One driver reportedly fled the scene.

There were two other recent incidents leading into the weekend that resulted in fatal casualties. Both occurred on Highway 167. In the first incident, one young motorcyclist rear-ended a construction vehicle. The second fatality was a separate event resulting from one rider going down while in front of a second motorcyclist who subsequently ran over the first rider.

Trooper Johnson’s tweet should be taken seriously as operating a motorcycle without the proper endorsement is both unsafe and illegal. When riding a motorcycle, always remember the following safety tips:

  • Always wear a helmet that protects the face and eyes.
  • Wear appropriate protective body gear.
  • Follow all traffic rules.
  • Only ride when you are fully awake and sober.
  • Ensure your bike is in proper riding condition before and after mounting the motorcycle.