When a motorcycle accident occurs, the results can be horrific. Injuries to the brain and spinal cord can lead to permanent disability and a lifetime of pain and suffering. Severe fractures and crushed extremities can lead to amputation or a lifetime of limited mobility. Yet road rash is one injury many people do not consider—and it can be significantly more severe than many believe.

Road rash is the name for a severe road burn or abrasion that occurs when a biker slides across the asphalt during an accident. If the motorcyclist is not wearing protective clothing at the time of the crash, his or her skin comes in direct contact with the pavement, leading to severe and often serious road rash injuries.

Road rash can be divided into three types based on their severity and the degree of injury suffered.

  • First Degree Road Rash: much like a burn, this type of road rash causes the skin to redden. While it can be a bit painful, no medical treatment is needed for this type of road rash.
  • Second Degree Road Rash: this type of road rash results when the outer layer of skin breaks. There may be bleeding and pain, but there should be little risk of scarring. Over the counter ointment is all that is needed to treat this type of road rash.
  • Third Degree Road Rash: This is the most severe type of road rash and occurs when all 5 layers of skin are exposed. Third degree road rash is very susceptible to serious infections, such as staph infections and MRSA. It can also result in permanent scarring and may require IV antibiotic medications, cosmetic surgeries, and even skin grafts to repair. Permanent damage to the muscles and tissues can also occur if not treated promptly.

Road rash is often more serious than many believe. If multiple body parts are injured, the victim could be hospitalized for weeks and plastic surgeons may need to be consulted to minimize scarring and repair the wound. Embedded glass, rocks, and road debris also increase the likelihood of injured bikers developing serious and life-threatening infections, further compromising their recovery.

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