One of the tools your personal injury lawyer may use to win your case involves recreating the accident scene in order to prove negligence. An accident reconstruction uses detailed pieces of the investigation in order to draw specific conclusions regarding the causes and events that took place during the accident. This is especially helpful in accidents that involve multiple vehicles, fatalities, or severe bodily injuries.

In order to reconstruct the accident properly, specific experts must be hired to undertake the analysis and recreation. During the reconstruction, the roles of the drivers, the vehicle models, road conditions, weather patterns, lighting, and environment are all taken into consideration and used to establish fault or deny fault for the accident. This involves a tremendous amount of physics and engineering and is a complex and specialized process.

Eyewitnesses and passenger accounts of the accident will also be considered and used to establish the events that took place just before and during the crash. Was the driver speeding? Talking on the phone? Driving impaired? What was the angle of the sun at the time of the crash? How soon were the brakes applied? What was the speed of the crash?

Once the accident reconstruction is completed, the results are analyzed using special computer software, and then an expert is used to present the accident reconstruction at trial.

The data that is extracted from an accident reconstruction can be extremely useful in helping judges and juries assign the appropriate amount of liability. This is critical to obtaining the maximum amount of compensation after a devastating accident and will influence all other subsequent decisions in the trial.

Establishing negligence is critical to winning your case and the compensation you need to completely recover from your accident. Your attorney will likely seek compensation for medical expenses, rehabilitation, lost wages, future loss of earnings, pain and suffering, and more.